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In Word Indeed
       Never under-estimate the  purpose
 Of your life, and what you do while  you are  here.
If you only plant the seed
that helps others more in need,
      You might find the path to Heaven very near.          
        - from "He Gave You A Heart"
    ©2004  by Jeffrey Robert Smith



"It is my privilege to have the opportunity today to recommend to you Jeffrey Robert Smith.  Rob is truly a gifted musician with a desire to use those gifts to honor the Lord by drawing others to Him.  What makes Jeff unique is his appeal to a wide range of audiences.  Both young and old alike can enjoy his blend of jazz, folk, and other musical genres.  His storytelling takes us back to a time when front porches were conference centers and lessons were learned from the carefully orchestrated words of godly fathers and grandfathers.  Rob blends humor with the truth of God's Word in adding to the gifts and talents God has blessed him with to turn a concert into a worshipful experience.  I have had the opportunity to work alongside of him and have seen his humble spirit displayed in some of the most difficult of circumstances.  I recommend Jeff with the confidence that you will enjoy your entire experience of working with Rob to feed those God has placed in your care."

Todd Wyrick
President, Ever Burn Ministries, Cary, NC


“With a heart for Jesus and a true musical gift, Rob’s ability to ‘tell the old, old story’ of faith in today’s world will richly bless you and your congregation.”


Reverend Nancy L. Weingartner
Sycamore United Methodist Church, Sycamore IL


“Throughout the Bible, faithful people have broken into song to praise and glorify God. Jeffrey Robert Smith has found that purpose in his voice, through his music that leads hearers to God through Christ. Mr. Smith’s personal testimony about his relationship with Jesus Christ is powerful. His music, his talent and musical ability are magnificent gifts in the church. His faith is beautifully expressed through his song and those who hear him are blessed. Comments we have heard in times when he has offered our congregation his music are that he is inspired and inspiring. Thank you, Jeffrey Robert Smith. Thank you, God!”


Reverend Lib Campbell
Associate Pastor
St. Francis United Methodist Church, Cary, NC


“It is a great pleasure to listen to Mr. Smith’s songs as they are heartfelt expressions of faith, performed on a very high artistic level. He has something very important to say, and he does so with relevant words, a clear and pleasing voice, and excellent guitar accompaniment. Each song, in it’s own way, is captivating to the listener. His music is a breath of fresh air.”


Jim White
Director of Music Ministries
St. Francis United Methodist Church, Cary, NC


“His music is thought-provoking and spirit-lifting. It appeals to the head and the heart. Don't miss this musician's witness in song!"


Susan Pate Greenwood
Senior Pastor
St. Francis United Methodist Church, Cary, NC




©2009 Jeffrey Robert Smith
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