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In Word Indeed
He spread His arms over all His Father’s kingdom,
For the people of His Earth, both far and wide ;
He spread His arms to show how much He loves us…
He spread His arms upon a cross, and then He died.
- from “He Spread His Arms”
 2004 by Jeffrey Robert Smith

We are God’s workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.
  Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)

A Unique Program of Music and Word...
My Mission
            The most important point of emphasis in my
music ministry is that God is very accessible to all
of us. Through the power of prayer, He can be                                                                  
reached at any time. He’s not just for Sunday.                                          
He is always available to us.
                                                                          You can get anything -
                                                                     anything you ask for in prayer
                                                                             - if you believe.  
                                                                          Matthew 21:22 (TLB)
           While we should never cease to be in awe                                     
of His greatness and of His great love for us, we                                                   
should think of Him as a friend… a best friend Who                                    
we can talk to at any moment on any given day of                                       
the week. God wants to hear from us. He wants us                                                     
to share our deepest thoughts, cares, concerns,                                                                 
and our love with Him.                                                         
                                                                             Busy… God’s line will never ring busy.
                                                           You will not have to wonder: Where is He?
                                                                He is ev’rywhere you want to be.
                                                         He’s open… God’s door will always be open.
                                                                    Praying is better than hopin’
                                                                   That Heaven will open to you.
                                                      - from “Busy" 2004  by Jeffrey Robert Smith
My Purpose                                                                              
            I have been called by God to share the musical         gifts He has given to me through a music ministry of            enlightenment and inspiration.
            I am on a mission from God. To be fair, I believe
that each of us has a mission to share His word and
His love. There are many who just don’t realize it yet; and still others who might not have been paying  attention when He handed these missions out. This is the mission God gave me.  

And He saith unto them,Come ye after me, and I will make you fishers of men.  
Matthew 4:18-20(ASV)          

            In His wisdom, he has seen fit to provide me with
the tools of music, speech, and humor in order to better
present His message to my audiences. I studied, practiced,
and mastered these tools in over three decades of experience
in the fields of writing and musical entertainment. I believe all
of the experiences of my life to be a training process that God
has implemented in order to prepare me for this ministry.
            God has designed a mission and a purpose for each                       
and every one of us. A few of us may think we know what He                           
has called us to do, but to most it may not seem so obvious.                           
The truth is, none of us have the ability to know God’s                        
intentions. We can only trust in His love for us, and have                                          
faith that He is in control. Without this trust, we are in danger                    
of living a directionless life. 
                                                           As our fathers knew, before us,
                                                                        It’s a lesson for all time:
                                                                   We should never get so busy                                                                                   That we leave our Lord behind.
                                                                             First things first.
                                                                    - from “First Things First”
                                                                    2004 by Jeffrey Robert Smith
How can we not believe that the God Who could
conceive of, and create the heavens, the earth, the light,
the land, the sky, the sun, the moon, and all life, had a
purpose for each one of us in His design?
            Admittedly, few of us are accustomed to thinking on
such a large scale. So, He provided a “rule book”; an “owner’s
manual” to life called the Bible, to help us to more easily
understand the concept of how we fit into the framework of His
grand design. And, He gave us His son, Jesus Christ, not                    
only to show His unconditional love for us, but also to                                  
provide the lessons and a living example of how we should                             
live within His favor. 
                                                                    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
                                                                            And light unto my path.
                                                                             Psalms 119:105 (ASV)
         By studying the Bible: seeking to better know the
Word of God; living by the example set forth by Jesus;
and by continually improving my faith and my understanding
of what it means to be a Christian, I hope to better fulfill
God’s purpose for me. This purpose, as I see it, is to
humbly share my God-given gifts with all who may need
inspiration and help in reaffirming or strengthening their faith.

My People - God’s People
            In my music ministry, I enjoy seeing families and people of all ages in the congregation, but I often feel a special “closeness” to the seekers who are still  trying to “sort it all out”. I seek the Lord’s truth, and follow His ways as best I can, but I cannot claim to know all the answers. I can only plant the seeds that may help others to consider their own faith in a better light.
                                                                     In a world filled with much that is wrong:
                                                     Too much blame, and just not enough praise...
                                                   It’s a comfort to know where the weary can go.
                                                             Yes, I can feel God in this place.
                                                           - from “I Can Feel God in This Place”
                                                              2005 by Jeffrey Robert Smith
As a fallible human, I am as prone to doubts,
frustrations, and occasional weakness in my faith and
judgments - as are many. Because of this, I find that my
relationship with God is best rekindled every day. I believe
that a daily reminder to God of our love for Him is as good               
a practice as the same reminder is to our children and                              
to our partners in marriage.  
                                                                      Because of the Lord’s great love
                                                                              we are not consumed,
                                                                        for His compassions never fail.
                                                                        They are new every morning;
                                                                           great is your faithfulness.
                                                                          Lamentations 3:22-23(NIV)      
            I once heard a pastor (who had established a                                                      
church in the challenging city of Las Vegas, Nevada)                             
say he believed the reason why so many do not                                                      
attend church regularly, is because most churches                                  
minister to the “already convinced”. By his assessment,                         
there should be more ministries whose mission is to
“convince” people of the relevance of God in their lives,                           
and to provide the guidance necessary to help them to                   
seek Him, and to rejoin the community of His church.                           
                                                                       This side of Heaven…
                                                            is a nice place to visit along the way;
                                                       But this life is not where we’re bound to stay.
                                                            So show us, dear Lord, light the way.
                                                                       This side of Heaven…
                                                              it’s a trial by fire; it’s sink or swim;
                                                         It’s a moment in time before you meet Him.
                                                            It is not where it ends… here, it begins.
                                                                 from “From This Side of Heaven”
                                                                 2005 by Jeffrey Robert Smith
          A large number of the American population,                                    
commonly called the “baby boomers”, is among the                                              
“unconvinced”, and rarely attend church. As these                                         
people are reaching the ages of fifty and sixty, they                              
are becoming more aware of their own mortality than                                
ever before. At this time in their lives, they are seeking                              
answers about God and eternity. While I feel it is my                                         
mission to reach out to and inspire all who attend my
music ministry, I take special pleasure in knowing that          
I have inspired many of these folks to become seekers.                         
        Just over the age of fifty myself, I have shared many              
of the same feelings, experiences, and questions these
“baby boomers” have known in their lives. Introducing                                                  
them, once again, to the Lord they may have lost touch                                
with, will be of benefit to them, and to the children who                                     
follow in their footsteps.
                                                        I am not praying for these alone but
                                                     also for the future believers who will come
                                                    to me because of the testimony of these.
                                                       My prayer for all of them is that they
                                                     will be of one heart and mind, just as you
                                                      and I are, Father—that just as you are in
                                                      me and I am in you, so they will be in us,
                                                       and the world will believe you sent me.                                                                                        John 17:20-21  (TLB)                                                                                                                                                                                                       
            I thank all of the church leaders, and the members                                  
of the organizations  who have so kindly given me the                                         opportunity to share this ministry with their gatherings.                             
            And I thank God because He always knew the
worth of a humble wordsmith; because my talents were
a gift from Him; because He included me in His grand
design; and because He gave my life a mission and
To His Glory, and In His Service, 
Jeffrey Robert Smith
Neither do men light a lamp, and put it under the bushel,
but on the stand; and it shineth unto all that are in the house.
Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your
good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.
 Matthew 5:15-16 (ASV)
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